Dear friends,

I’m happy to announce that from October-November, I am offering TWO free comic-making workshops to organizations that work with Asian (mixed race, South, East, South East Asian, newcomer youth, new generation, 1.5, LGBTQI-lesbian,  gay, bisexual, trans, queer, questioning, intersex, and or with disability) youth (16-29).

The FREE workshops are a way to connect to young Asians who:

1.     Have interest in being part of an art community
     Have the desire to hone their comic-making skills
     Want a positive space to share their experience of being Asian in Canada and
     Want to explore their visual storytelling style with other Asian storytellers and cartoonists

The first workshop will be at your space (on a first come, first serve basis), the second workshop will be held at SKETCH for youth from organizations not involved in the first workshop. So please share this invite to your youth!  

When I meet with youth, I will also be inviting them to join me for a three-month Comic-Making Residency I will be hosting at SKETCH starting in January 2017 (made possible by the financial support of Ontario Arts Council). Applications for the residency will open November.  

If you would like me to offer this workshop in your space, or want info about the bigger Residency project or in general, let’s connect!