The Poster! Application! Apply!

POSTER IS (finally) UP, APPLICATION IS UP, APPLY NOW: Deadline Dec 7, 12 pm

A comic-making program for Asian* youth, newcomer youth, new generation, 1.5, LGBTQI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual, queer/questioning, intersexual) and/or with disability between 16-29 who:
1.    Have interest in being part of  an art community
2.    Have the desire to hone their comic-making skills
3.    Want a positive space to share their experience of being Asian in Canada and
4.    Explore their visual storytelling style with other Asian storytellers and cartoonists

*Asian= South Asian, South East Asian, East Asian, mixed race

The deadline for submission is December 7, 12 PM. Those accepted into the shortlist will be invited to a "show & tell" event--an opportunity to meet the facilitators, and your potential studio mates.
**UPDATE** Workshops will be held every Wednesday 5-8 PM, from January-March 2017 at SKETCH